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X-Men ’97’s Soundtrack is Mutating to Vinyl

Image: Mutant/Hollywood Records/Marvel Animation

The first season of X-Men ‘97 may be over, but Disney’s still got some goodies from the show it’s selling to anyone still hit with mutant fever. Composers John Andrew Grush and Taylor Newton Stewart—aka the Newton Brothers—are getting their score for the season in vinyl from merch company Mutant.

Spread across two discs with 40 songs overall, the soundtrack features nearly all of the music the duo created for the show. It’ll also come in a gatefold jacket with art of the team by Phantom City Creative, whose previous artwork for movies and TV includes Fall of the House of Usher, Barbenheimer, and last year’s Godzilla Minus One. The vinyl discs themselves are equally colorful, with the primary X-Men yellow complimented by blue and red, colors this show associates with Charles and Magneto.

“Meeting expectations is hard. Exceeding them is even harder,” said Mutant co-founder Eric Garza. “X-Men ‘97 makes it look effortless in nearly every way, including the music. Featuring an excellent and faithful update to Ron Wasserman’s original classic X-Men: The Animated Series theme, the Newton Brothers…craft a soundscape that includes giant sweeping orchestral and synth-driven cues that could comfortably exist in any day of future past.”

The full track list for X-Men ‘97’s score can be seen below, and the vinyl is expected to release on September 6 for $40. You can pre-order it here.

Disc One, Side One

1. X-Men ‘97 Theme

2. The Summers

3. Give Them the Forecast

4. The Trial of Magneto

5. Magnus the Savior

6. Goodbye

7. Mister Sinister

8. In Hell

9. Fight or Die

10 Remember Who You Are

11. What Have You Done?

Side Two

1. Fate of the X-Men

2. Betrayal or Forgiveness

3. Man vs. Machine

4. Boss Battle

5. Nightcrawler

6. A Peaceful Life

7. Trails of Love

8. Busy Bees

9. Invasion

Disc Two, Side One 

1. A Different Empire

2 Sisterhood

3. Galactic Peace

4. She’s Back

5. We Need You

6. Requiem to Friends

7. Break In

8. Time Manipulation

9. Fight for Yourself

10. Bonding Time

 Side Two

1. Too Little Too Late

2. Rising Up

3. Sentinels Attack

4. Metal Bends

5. Inevitable Vision

6. Bad Odds

7. X

8. You Hurt Me

9. Rising Waters

10. X-Men End Credits

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