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Nik Bentel’s Orb Bag: A Mathematical Marvel With A Mirror Finish

Designer Nik Bentel has unveiled The Orb Bag, a handbag inspired by the mathematical surface known as the ‘Dupin Cyclide’. The bag features a shiny chrome finish that acts like a handheld, distorting mirror, reflecting surroundings and allowing the user to see behind them in a warped fashion, similar to a rearview mirror.

The creation of The Orb Bag was not initially intended to serve as a reflective tool. Bentel aimed to design a handbag that could warp light, achieving this through the chrome finish.

To create the precise shape, he utilized mathematical equations, drawing inspiration from the Dupin Cyclide. This algebraic surface resembles a smooth, curved shape formed by spinning an oval or a conic section around an axis.

Bentel and his team translated this mathematical concept into the design of The Orb Bag, capturing the essence of the Dupin Cyclide with a high-shine chrome finish.

The bag’s construction includes acrylic material using a two-part injection mold, a metallic leather interior lining, and a hidden magnetic clasp that maintains the smooth, mirror-like exterior when closed. When spun, the bag resembles a whirling coin before it settles.

The Orb Bag, limited to 150 units and priced at $250, is also a practical accessory. Its mirror surface is useful for quick outfit and face checks, and it comes with a dust bag and a unique verification token to confirm ownership.

Bentel’s innovative design not only serves as a functional handbag but also as a striking example of how mathematical principles can influence fashion and design.

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