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Framework launches new Laptop 13 Ultra

Key Takeaways

  • The new Framework Laptop 13 features Intel’s powerful Core Ultra Series 1 processor line, offering superior graphics and power efficiency.
  • Buyers have the option to upgrade to a high-quality 2880×1920 display or add up to 96GB of RAM, and get a new 9.2-megapixel webcam.
  • Preorders for the Laptop 13 start at $899 for the DIY Edition, with prices ranging up to $2,099 for a maxed-out pre-built configuration.

Framework — known for laptops focusing on customization and repairability — is today launching a fourth-generation Laptop 13. The highlight is an upgrade to Intel’s Core Ultra Series 1 processor line, said to offer superior graphics architecture and significant improvements in power efficiency. A base Ultra 5 125H chip offers four performance cores and eight efficiency cores, with a 4.5GHz max clock speed — at the top end, the Ultra 7 165H delivers six performance cores, eight efficiency cores, and 5GHz speeds.


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Buyers also have the option of a sharper 2880×1920 display if they go with the DIY Edition of the laptop or buy the part in the Marketplace. The panel is said to make pixels “invisible,” and sport other high-quality specs, such as 500 nits of peak brightness, a matte surface, and variable refresh rates up to 120Hz. Interestingly, Framework notes that the panel was “originally designed for another company” — which is why the corners are rounded rather than squared off.

Buyers can add up to 96GB of RAM, but the third upgrade Framework is focusing on (no pun intended) is a new 9.2-megapixel, 1080p webcam. The company is binning groups of four subpixels together for extra sensitivity, much like recent smartphones, the idea being to improve low-light capture. New microphones, meanwhile, should improve clarity when you’re chatting in Zoom or Google Meet.

The 2024 Framework Laptop 13's new display and webcam.When is the new Laptop 13 shipping?

The first batch of deliveries is due in August. Preorders are now open, starting at $1,099 for a pre-built configuration with an Ultra 5 125H, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, and Windows 11 Home. Prices begin at $899 for a DIY Edition, but you’ll have to assemble it yourself and install either Windows or Linux. A maxed-out pre-built Laptop 13 will cost you $2,099, but include an Ultra 7 165H, 32GB of RAM, 1TB of storage, and Windows 11 Pro.

Each model is equipped with four expansion bays, letting buyers personalize their system with different USB, video, and/or storage options, including a new SD Expansion Card. At least one bay needs to have a USB-C port, since it’s how you’ll charge your laptop.

Framework notes that it’s separately introducing new configurations of the Laptop 13 DIY Edition with AMD Ryzen 7040 processors, including the enhanced display and webcam as well as a 61Wh battery. Prices for older configurations of the Laptop 13 are being lowered, down to as little as $799 for a DIY Edition.

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